Dust off that dirndl! Heat up that potato salad! Call your friends over! It's time to POLKA!

Playlist is:

Jerry Byrd/J Wittenberg "Theme For A DJ"
The Six Fat Dutchmen "Minnesota Polka"
Eddie Zima and His Polish Orchestra "Chocolate Soda Polka (Czeckolada-Polka)"
Bror Kalles kapel "Olga Polka (Too Fat Polka)"
Brunon Kryger “King of the Polkas” “Carrot Polka (Marchewka Polka)”
Eddie Zima and his Orchestra “Dark Cloud Polka (Ciemna Chmura)”
Freddie Yarosz and his Orchestra “Polka Wesola (Happy Polka)”
Eddie Zima and His Orchestra “Circus Polka (Cyrkowa Polka)”
Bill Gale and his Music Makers “Goofy Gob”
Brunon Kryger “King of the Polkas” “Evening Under The Blue Moon (Dobry Wieczor)”
Al Dexter and his Troopers “Sundown Polka”
The Dell Trio “Sunday Picnic Polka (Turnpike Polka)”
The Six Fat Dutchmen “Old Lady Polka”
Ignacy Podgorski and his Marvelous Merrymakers “Nightingale Polka”
Joseph Snihur (Polka King) “Gremlin Polka”
Victor Zembruski and his Orchestra “Wyplata Polka (Payday Polka)”
Michael Herman’s Folk Orchestra “Salada Polka (Village Polka)”
Spade Cooley and his Band “It’s Dark Outside” 53:35



show pic

It's spring! That means another episode of In The Shadow Of The Sugarloaf! Join me for an hour of some groovy tunes!

Playlist is:

Jerry Byrd/J Wittenberg "Theme For A DJ"
Alfonso Santisteban "Zorongo"
Billy Williams "I Got That Snaky Feelin'"
Christopher Gunning "Race With The Devil"
The Cavemen "Snakeskin"
Dick Bills "Rockin' And Rollin'"
Johnny Dankworth "Treasure Drive" from the film The Criminal
Kronos Quartet "Cortejo Funebre el el Monte Diablo"
Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera "Godzilla"
Garcia Morcillo "Encuentro Con Munga" from the film La Noche de los Brujos
Black Fire "Do It"
Black Flag "T.V. Party"
Bob Azzam Y Su Orquesta "Dracula Cha Cha Cha"
The Bounty Hunters "Echo Express"
Richard Hayman "Voodoo"
Bob James "In The Garden"
Thin White Rope "The Lady Vanishes"
Pascal Comelade "3 Eyed Hot-Dog Belly-Dance"
Tsukasa Masuko "Theme from Town & Country Surf: Wood & Water Rage" from the NES game
Anarchy "City Surfer"



show pic

Let's get wild with a mix of 50s and 60s surf, r&b, rockabilly, hill-a-billy, soul and so much more!

Playlist is:

Bob Gaddy And His Alley Cats "No Help Wanted"
The Page Boys "Barricuda"
Jack Eubanks "Chiricahua"
B. Bumble And The Stingers "The Green Hornet Theme"
Dinah Washington "Since My Man Has Gone And Went"
The Surf Teens "Moonshine"
Rod Willis "The Cat"
Bill Hailey & The Comets "Train Of Sin"
Big Maybelle "Rock House"
Joe Loco Band "Bongo Bob"
Bonnie Lou "Friction Heat"
Bill Doggett "Monster Party"
Ernest Tubb and Red Foley "Too Old To Cut The Mustard"
Bob Kayli "Tie Me Tight"
Eddie Noack "Gonna Give Myself A Party"
Jasper Woods "Hully Gully Papa"
Bill Fleming "Voodoo Woman"
The Tikis "Pay Attention To Me"
The Royal Jokers "I Don't Like You That Much"
Betty McQuade "Tongue Tied"
Les Baxter "Blue Jungle"
The Artistics "It's Gonna Be Alright"
Lord Kitchener "Sock It To Me Kitch"
Dale Webha "Russian Roulette"
Jan & Dean "The Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review and Timing Association"
Earth Kitt "Jambo Hippopotami"
Xavier Cugat "Flute Nightmare"
Tommy Roe "Piddle De Pat"
Bobby Madera And His Orchestra "Mambo Inn"
Carl Perkins "Let The Jukebox Keep Playing"
Dick Flood "Sure Gets Dark When The Sun Goes Down"
Eddie Miller "Ghost Town"
Little Junior Parker "Foxy Devil"
Rocky Holman "Wild Boy"
The Challengers "Volcanic Action"
Lee Bell "Beatin' Out The Boogie (On The Mississippi Mud)"
Little Walter and The Jukes "Blue Midnight"
Marie "Queenie" Lyons "See And Don't See"
The Trashmen "Bird Bath"
The Street Cleaners "Garbage City"
The Ghouls "Voo Doo Juice"
Steve Gibson & The Red Caps "The Thing"
Willie Bobo "Broasted Or Fried"
Danny Ware "The Zombie Stomp"
Frank Hunter And His Orchestra "Strange Echoes"
The Cadillacs "Holy Smoke, Baby"
Herb Jeffries "Bayou"
Chaino "Gone Ape"
Eldridge Holmes "Humpback"



You wanted a proper show? *crickets* *crickets* *crickets* Well you got one!

It's a party tape party tape party! A two hour show focused on tunes to play at your party as they are played here, on this show, at a party! We've got all the party basics covered: songs about monkeys, pizza, arcades and parties! That's right! Songs about partying with dead guys! surfers! and...more...dead guys (sure do have a lot of songs about partying with dead guys for some reason...)!!!(!) Slip that 120 minute SP tape (brand name of your choosing) in your boombox and press play, because you'll want to record this one for posterity! And parties!

With music from the Fat Boys, The Damned, Midnight Star, Oingo Boingo, The Kingsmen, The Ventures, Chubby Checker, Black Flag and more!

If you have your friends listen to one show I produced over the last 24 hours, make it this one!*

*There were many technical difficulties with this one, if there's dead space in here, it's because things got bonkers.


Sample This - Not just because any single one of these tracks would (and in some cases have) make choice cuts to be picked apart by hip hop producers, but also because it is a veritable buffet or taster's choice morsels from the world of musical genres. Everything from secret agent soul to spook-show exotica, from saloon-hall spirituals to to psychedelic sci-fi soundtrack concretism.


Mad Doctor Josh


Another live show, featuring extra shadowy tracks form the shadows of the sugarloaf, including:

1. Jerry Byrd - "Theme For A DJ"
2. Alfred Hitchcock / Jeff Alexander - "Suspicion"
3. Alfred Hitchcock / Jeff Alexander - "After You've Gone"
4. Enock Light and The Light Brigade - "Dirty Work Underfoot"
5. The Weirdos - "The Hideout"
6. Cozy Cole - "Big Noise From Winnetka"
7. Lan Adomian - "Creeping Misterioso"
8. Herschell Burke Gilbert - "Delirium"
9. Herschell Burke Gilbert - "Violin Scream"
10. Neal Hefti - "Spooky Coffins"
11. Bill Fleming - "Voodoo Woman"
12. Cal Tjader - "A Minor Goof"
13. Billy Larkin & The Delegates - "A Hole In The Wall"
14. Les Baxter - "Barbarian"
15. Eartha Kitt - "Johnny With The Gentle Hands"
16. Frank Reidy and Eric Allen - "Haunted Lullaby"
17. The Ventures - "Dick Tracy"
18. The Ventures - "Ginchy"
19. Neal Hefti - "The Mafista"
20. The Starfires - "Hand Full Of Blood"
21. Billy Vaughn - "It's A Lonesome Old Town"
22. Jo Martens - "Belly-Coildance"
23. Bernard Fevre - "Magnetic Spool"
24. Chuck Willis - "What'cha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You?"
25. Artie Shaw - "Nightmare"
26. Les Baxter - "Night Attack On The Stranger"
27. Jim Messina and The Jesters - "The Thing"


Put your seats in the relaxed position, grab a drink from the catering cart, and relax with this hour plus set of soundtrack cuts, funky jazz, early electronics, and more, for a smooth flight to audio holiday.


Back for the second installment of the ITSOTS Halloween specials. I know, I know—I said there would be three, but a medical thing came up, and, one's actually given me any indication that they're listening to this hogwash anyhow, so there.

This time around we got a goodie bag full of eclectic haunting ephemera! Like what? Like:
1. Jerry Byrd "Theme For A DJ" (show theme)
2. Sons Of The Pioneers "Blue Prairie" from Cool Water (RCA Victor/1964)
3. The Jet Black Berries "They Walk Among You" from Sundown On Venus (EMI/Pink Dust /1984)
4. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats "Danse Macabre" from Harmonica Rhapsody (Columbia/1965)
5. Vic Mizzy "Hide & Go Shriek" from Original Music From The Addams Family (RCA Victor/1965)
6. Cheryle Thompson "Black Night" from a Stateside Records single (1964)
7. I Monster Presents People Soup "Black Cat Bamboozle" from I Monster Presents People Soup (2013)
8. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys "Black Carnation" from Let's Go Terry! (King/1966)
9. Hop Wilson "My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone" from Houston Ghetto Blues compilation (Bullseye Blues/2003/1960 (orig. release))
10. Monsieur Goraguer "Sexy Dracula" from All The Hits of Monster Disco Sound (Overseas/1976)
11. Sweet Exorcist "Zeke The Zombie" from All The Hits of Monster Disco Sound (Overseas/1976)
12. Mike Vickers "Devil's Circle Music" from Dracula A.D. 1972 Original Soundtrack (BSX/2009/1972)
13. The Slipstream Group "Devil's Dyke" from Forest Of Evil (De Wolfe/1978)
14. Pete Willsher / Keith Cheshire "Old Dark House" from Kung Fu Super Sounds comp. (De Wolfe/2009)
15. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross w/ the Ike Isaacs Trio "Halloween Spooks" from High Flying (Columbia/1961)
16. Hans Conried / Alice Pearce "The Dracula Trot" from Monster Rally (RCA Victor/1959)
17. Clone "Hallowe'en 1976 (edit)" from Monster Skies comp. (Monster Skies/Finders Keepers /1976/2014)
18. Fela Kuti and Afrika 70 "Zombie" from Zombie (Knitting Factory/2016/1976(orig. release))

'Tis the season! What season? Halloween, of course. Boy, you must be as thick as Quickrete. Letting bygones be bygones, here's the first of three (count 'em; go on, I won't slap your hands) spooky specials, one every Monday for the next three weeks, ending on HALLOWEEN!

It's also, hopefully, a return to our weekly show schedule! (fingers crossed)

Playlist for this one (with some extra treats thrown in):
1. Jerry Byrd "Theme For A DJ" (show theme)
2. The Marketts "Bat Cave" from The Batman Theme Played By The Marketts (1966/Warner Bros.)
3. Kay Starr "Headless Horseman" from I've Got To Sing 1944-48 (Hep)
4. Bob Azzam con Mint Gerard y su Orquestra "Dracula Cha Cha Cha" from Romantica EP (1960/Barclay)
5. Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds "Pumpkin Pie" from Dracula Boots (2009/In The Red)
6. Eddie Noack "A Few Good Funerals" from a Resco 7" (1974)
7. Eddie Noack "Ain't The Reaping Ever Done" from a Tellet 7" (1973)
8. Meic Stevens "Ghost Town" from Outlander (1970/Warner Bros.)
9. Krzysztof Komeda "Vampire Corners" from The Fearless Vampire Killers Motion Picture Soundtrack (1967/2005/Jarkit)
10. Messer Chups "Ghost Rides To West" from Crazy Price (2005/Ipecac)
11. Ataraxia (Mort Garson) "Deja Vu" from The Unexplained (1975/RCA)
12. Tita Duval/El Nuevo Ritmo de Bobby Rey "Zombie Rock" from Big Box Of AfroSound (2015/Vampi Soul)
13. Los Sleepers "Zombie" from Rock con Los Sleepers (1961/Cometa)
14. Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists "Dance Of The Zombies" from Playing Excerpts from his Carribean Suite EP (1954/Esquire)
15. The Red Callender Sextette "Voodoo" from a Hollywood 7" (1953)
16. The Cramps "Zombie Dance" from Songs The Lord Taught Us (1980/IRS)
17. Gerald Fried "The Very Important Zombie Affair" The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Television Soundtrack Volume 2 (2003/FSM)
18. Capt. Dax (Lafayette Afro Rock Group) "Dr. Beezar/ Soul Frankenstein" from an Overseas 7" (1975)
19. Scientist "The Voodoo Curse" from Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (1981/Greensleeves)

It's Hammer TIME! That's right you shadowpeoples, we're paying our respects to the late, great Christopher Lee, while heralding in my favorite season of the diurnal cycle—Autumn!—by playing some Hammer Films soundtrack music, as well as some choice moog-infused Colombian cumbia music, some tightly wrapped (joke will make more sense later) dub, cosmic jazz from Deutschland, mood music for witches, Bollywood funk, psychedelic folk and previewing the lead single off of Matt (Toast) Berry's forthcoming album...which references Christopher Lee!

It's like some effort went into this one!

Disclaimer: DJ is struggling with a heavy case of seasonal allergies mixed with a long spell of sleeping troubles, so go easy on your critique of his somehow-still-nasally-though-plugged-so-his-Ms-sound-like-Bs speaking voice.

Sweltering, sunny Sunday episode of ITSOTS, featuring a schizophrenic dance between dark, brooding noir surf, vocal and soundtrack cuts, and some sunny 60s and 50s pop and soul. Plus I get on a semi-serious soapbox on the contentious issue of comic books.

Featuring tracks from Eartha Kitt, Leslie Uggams, The Marketts, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, Etta James, Nobunny, Messer Chups, Fabio Frizzi, Mike Berry, The Tradewinds, Lesley Gore, O.P. Nayyar with Asha Boshle & Mahendra Kapoor, The Rhythm Rockers and Vic Mizzy!

Give Your Ears a Shot of Vitamin D with this Sunshine Pop Mix!

An hour of sunny, sugary, fizzy pop from the 1960s and early 1970s! Twist the cap off and take a swig of the comforting contents!

Another Episode Up!

The latest episode of ITSOTS, with your peppy host DJ JOSH. Today we travel the various veins on the musical map; from jazzy soundtrack cuts to sandy sunshine beach pop, dirge-y surf to 1960s soul.

Spread those curtains wide, kick back on something comfortable and let in the sunshine. Here comes another episode of ITSOTS!

Give Your Eardrums Goosebumps with This Spooky Mix

A mix of spooky soundtrack cuts, sinister surf, frightening fuzzrock and other carefully exhumed tracks stitched together in the Secret Basement Lab to put goosebumps on your eardrums!

Do Do That Voodoo - A Jungle Mix!

A Jungle/Voodoo-centric mix up for y'all to enchant your summer evening. Enjoy.

Celebrating Summer With An Hour(ish) Mix

I made this mix as a premature celebration of summery weather here in Minnesota. Everything from Ennio Morricone and library music cuts to soul music and surf music and sunshine pop!

April Showers Bring NEW SHADOWS!

Back in action with Czech soundtracks! Vintage soul! Library funk! Sounds of summer! Harvest folk! AND MORE!

Back On Track

Yes, I have returned with another 2hr set of psychedelic madness, soundtrack bizarro funk, French library synths, good old fashioned American punk and post-punk, surf and all kinds or other treats. Enjoy!

Instrumental Special

I'm back, as promised, with a slightly manic, but still good (in my opinion) instrumental special, in what will hopefully be a weekly (or monthly, haven't decided) show schedule! This is a good one — packed with Japanese surf, library funk, Bollywood madness, electronic noodling, soundtrack cuts from the likes of Satan In High Heels, Psychomania!, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Trip! and more! Enjoy!


Hey! Long time no post! As you may or may not have heard, live365 went kaputsky! That means no more ITSOTS stream. Well I've begun to record again, this time I'll be posting my shows directly to Mixcloud, and posting the links here. Hopefully I can get back on a weekly schedule! First show should be up tomorrow, Monday March 14th!

Happy Halloween!


In The Shadow Of The Sugarloaf Halloween Special by Josh Wittenberg on Mixcloud


In case you missed it, here it is!

On The Air at Noon

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Spinning the tunes from 12-2 pm (CST)!

Also, stay tuned next Saturday (31st) for our HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, 12-2PM (CST)!!!

On The Air Today

Spinning the tunes 10-3-15 from 9-11 am (CST)! | playlist


In The Shadow Of The Sugarloaf 10-4-15 by Josh Wittenberg on Mixcloud

Back On The Air Today

Spinning the tunes from 9-11 am (CST)!

No Show Today

No show on the 12th of July. Stuff to do. Back next week!


ON THE AIR! Today's playlist.


ON THE AIR! Today's playlist.

No Show Today

Sorry, no show today (6/7/15). Feeling under the weather.


Today's playlist.

On The Air

5.24.2015 Playlist | Listen to Archived Episode


If you're bored or lonely or are awake at the time, my radio show will be on the air 9-11 am on Sunday (CST), featuring tunes from hometown musical groups Maudlin and The Ultrasounds. Also included will be songs dedicated to some folks getting hitched down in Tennessee later that day, and more.

Show News!

Starting the 10th, the show will be moving to Sunday mornings, from 9-11am!!!

Friday's Playlist

Find it here.

The Return To The Shadow Of The Sugarloaf!

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On the air this Friday from 3-6 (CST)!


No show this Friday due to various constraints. Hopefully next week, though! Also, changes to the streaming playlist will start to take effect early next week.


Due to circumstances of the circumstantial kind, the show will not be on tonight. Rather, tune in tomorrow from 9-Noon (CST)


On the air Friday the 13th from 3-6 PM (CST)!


records records

Tonight's Show - exploring some records! Compilation albums Slow Grind Fever, Vol 1, Surf Creature Vol 3, Swing For A Crime, as well as albums by CAN, Takeshi Terauchi, Thee Oh Sees, Loretta Lynn, and MORE! 3 - 6PM!

Thursday Special

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On the air tonight from 5-7 (CST)! Playlist




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Tomorrow! 3 - 6PM!


sugarloaf record label

Coffee and Dayquil, one hell of a comibination! Today's show should be an interesting one!!! 3 - 6PM!

Tonight's playlist!

sugarloaf record label

Tonight's show's playlist.

Monkey Around w/ Me on New Year's Eve!

new year's show ad

3PM! Let's all go nanners together! Tune In to the show that will have butts going frantic from the Pacific to the Atlantic!


friday show ad

3 - 5PM!


friday show ad

3PM! Is there a chance of an in-studio visit by Theodore Leo & His Ceritified Prescription Technicians?*

*no, there is not.


red light special ad

The hot 'n' heavy Red Light Special! 3PM!

November 7th Show

november 7th ad

Playlist and show.


If you've missed either of the shows from the 24th or Halloween, and have a hankerin' to hear them, both archived MP3 versions (compressed audio of course) and playlists from both shows can now be found on the Live page.


halloween show ad

Don't forget, this afternoon from 3-6PM is the Halloween Spook Sound Spectacular! We got punk, funk, soul, surf, country, rock and roll, soundtrack stuff, and other tricks and treats!

Tonight's Playlist

Bollyhood Horror Soundtracks, Twistin' Truckers, Moonshinin', and more!Playlist.


10 24 show ad



halloween show ad

Get your ghoulie groove on. here.

Cosmic Disco Playlist

Tonight's playlist, here!


10 16 show ad

I'm doing/did a show today, depending on when you're reading this. 4PM CST - 6PM CST. Playlist.


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Get your ghoulie groove on. here.

Cosmic Disco Playlist

Tonight's playlist, here!


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Until I'm done. here.

Cosmic Disco Playlist

Tonight's playlist, here!

Cosmic Disco

cosmic disco show

Another live show. This evening! Hope to remain on the air the entire show this time!

FRIDAY the 19th!

DJ KDKD guest DJ show

Another live show, this time with guest DJ KDKD! Check it out! 6PM CST.

Tonight's Playlist!

Here's the playlist from tonight's show!


radio show ad

Please- allow me to chauffeur you on a trip through your ego, via a Volkswagon bus made of soundwaves. Or listen to me jabber and play music for a couple of hours. Your choice.

Dance Party Tomorrow Night

dance party ad

Shake your groove-thang. Or pogo or polka, or whatever the music tells you freaks to do.

Last Night's Playlist

The playlist from last night's summer special is up here!

Last Night's Playlist

live show ad

In case you missed what was on last night's show, we played some biker tunes, a set of steamy (not so subtle) innuendo tunes from the 30s, 40s and 50s, some sunshine pop to clear away the clouds, and much much more! Including 2 Minnesota artist 45s. The playlist and an archived version of the show are right here!

In The Shadow of the Sugarloaf Live! Friday, June 20th 7-9 PM!

live show ad

Back! After two months of silence! Tune in this Friday evening for some hillbilly romp, biker fuzz, surf twang, rockabilly rumble...and other such things!!! Listen here.

In The Shadow of the Sugarloaf Live! Thursday, April 17th 7-9 PM!

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Back! After a hiatus, and before another one!

In The Shadow of the Sugarloaf Live! Saturday, 1-4 PM!

live show ad

I know it's been a few weeks, but I plan on endangering the airwaves once again, this Saturday; same Sugarloaf place, same Sugarloaf time.

In The Shadow of the Sugarloaf Live! Saturday, 1-4 PM!

live show ad

Join Josh live, Saturday afternoons (sanity and time permitting) for a few hours of fun, music, and mayhem.

Pillow Fights & Power Chords

live punk show ad

It's a Punk Rock Pajama Party! Thursday night (January 30th) 8-10 PM

Hey all you pit-niks! Put on your peejays, pop up some popcorn, and feather up that mohawk, because DJ Josh is bringing you two hours of sweaty, angry pogo punk from the days of yore (and maybe some modern stuff as well)!

It Came From The 80s Special

live 1980s show ad

That's right folks! Tune in Thursday afternoon (23rd) for two hours devoted to one of the decades of my youth: the 1980s! Music, movie spots, and much more, all lovingly served up to divert your work-time productivity into wistful nostalgia! New Wave, Punk, Rockabilly revival, and more!

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